About Us

Bedding should be simple, comfortable and carefree. At Komfie we believe that going to bed and getting a restful night sleep should be the easiest part of your day.


The idea for Komfie was born in Boston, MA where our busy live's left no time to wake up tired. We both sleep at different temperatures which always left one of us freezing or sweating. We tried using two comforters for awhile but that just left us feeling a part and uncomfortable.

Our goal was to design the last comforter any couple would buy. The perfect combination of dual zones, comfort and breathability. Oh yea, and we decided it had to be good for the environment.


We tested hundreds of fabrics, fills, and sewing techniques and ultimately there was no doubt that our blend of a eucalyptus shell around a bamboo fill was the ultimate comforter. This design had everything we asked for. A super soft cooling fabric to snuggle up with. A breathable fill that could keep you comfortable in any weather. And most importantly, the Komfie was design with dual zones so one partner could have it just a bit warmer than the other. It was perfect!


Just designing the world's best comforter was not good enough for us. For us to feel good about it, the Komfie had to be good for the environment. So we choose sustainable eucalyptus and bamboo to create the fabrics, and recycled paper for the packaging. Even with a very green product, we knew our logistics were not going to be good for the environment so we partnered with One Tree Planted to plant 1 tree for every Komfie sold.